Going to a feis

If you would like your child to start attending feisanna’s please be aware of the following.

Fionnuala will always try to be at feisanna’s with you especially your first one but unfortunately she cannot always make it.  She will let you know this in good time and please let her know how you got on when you get home.


There are 4 levels of dancing, Bun grade, Tus grade, Mean grade and Championship.  Each child must start in Bun.  When they win a dance they move up to the next level in that dance.


Our school colours are navy and white and you are expected to wear these colours when competing. Our school skirt & top can be purchased from Celtic Creations in Belfast but check with Fionnuala first as there may be some second hand ones in the studio.  Our beginner class costume is from Aspire in Belfast but can only be purchased in batches of 10.  Again check with Fionnuala as there is a stock of these in all ages that you can rent.


Presentation on stage is taken into account and dancers should be presented clean and tidy.  You do not need to have wigs or sparkly socks but neat hair in a bun or plait with clean dancing socks is expected.  Pumps should be tied tightly so they do not open on stage and laces wrapped round the ankle only.

Age Group

Your child’s age group is determined by what age they are on the 1st January, i.e.: 01/01/2020 they are 9 years old they dance under 10, 01/01/2020 they are 10 years old they dance under 11 and so on.  This does not change throughout the year. Even if their birthday is 2nd January they still dance in the age group set at the 1st